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South Fork Mesa Creek to HWY 141

Rating: Easy to Difficult
Length: 11 miles
Elevation: 6100’-4800’

Once across the South Fork of Mesa Creek, turn left and head downstream on an old two-track as it parallels the creek. In less than a mile, merge with another two-track that comes in from the right. Ride down the canyon for another 4 miles to a three-way intersection. Turn right onto a graded dirt road (P 12), cross the South Fork, and go past an old homestead, a remnant of the old ranching days. The road continues on a bench overlooking the confluence of the South Fork and North Fork of Mesa creek, then head up the canyon where it crosses the North Fork in a nice cottonwood grotto. This is on BLM ground and makes an excellent campsite. The road continues downstream on a bench overlooking the creek on a well graded road. At the next intersection, turn left (O 14) and continue down the canyon. The Dolores River canyon and Hwy 141 can be seen in the distance to the south. The road quickly drops to intersect with Hwy 141.