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Red Canyon Loop

Distance:  12.6 miles
Elevation gain:  2400’
Estimated ride time:  2.5-3 hours

This loop utilizes a section of the Paradox Trail which is marked for half of its length beginning at the Dolores River bridge at Biscuit Rock, 5 miles northwest of Uravan on Hwy 141.  Park on the south side of the bridge and follow the road as it parallels the Dolores River upstream on a bench.  The trail enters the mouth of Red Canyon after 1 mile of gentle climbing on a gravel road. Following the Paradox Trail signs, the old jeep road becomes narrower and more rugged as it climbs the canyon. About four miles up, the trail takes a final pitch up a steep “hike a bike” section which will eventually top out at a spectacular overlook of the Paradox Valley. The trail continues to climb as it parallels Carpenter Ridge. The road is soft in places as it passes through old pinon stands, eventually coming to a road on the right at approx. 6.2 miles. As you leave the Paradox Trail, follow this road down for about 1/2 mile until intersecting with a seasonally graded road coming down from the left.  This road continues its descent down the uplift from the Dolores River.  Stay on the main road, as there are several roads coming in from either side.  Old mining areas can be seen as the road descents, eventually making its way back to Biscuit Rock and the Dolores River.